Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Persona Anime, Now Persona 4!!

Woah, how long I didn't write in here? Forget about that.

Persona 4 finally out again, in anime form. We know about Persona Trinity Soul which is a side story of Persona 3 game, and it sucks since its a different story than the game plus new characters and only a few original game character appears.

This time in Persona 4 The Animation, its a direct port of the game, meaning you have all the game story re-telling in this anime. Some may not like it, but to me, its freakin' awesome!

The teaser video and official website just come out, doesn't have much info.

The main character now has another name, Narukami Yu.....
Last time in P4 manga, his name was Souji Seta.
Of course other characters name are intact.

Animation studio are AIC ASTA.....Hmm...never heard of them..But from the teaser, it does look similar to the game animation.

Visit the official site here, if you know some Japanese..

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