Saturday, May 14, 2011

Papercraft: Sakuya (Touhou Project) Lunatica Version

I'm gonna do this papercraft, and a whole lot other touhou characters since I need it for my next month event (Kyanime). Since we don't have any figures to display for our Touhou Introduction booth, so I thought I'll be using papercraft because its free.

This one is from Lunatica series, or from someone nicknamed Lunatica. Most of his papercrafts are Touhou characters. It was easy to build, only need 3 papers, not really detail like my previous Marisa (oh, I haven't shown that one to you guys yet, huh?). I like to call this one a HG model. And like all Gundam HG model, this one is ugly looking.

Actually, I don't really like this, chibi, simple papercraft. But since I really need it, So I have to build it anyhow.

I build the head part first. Pretty easy to build, the hair only have 2 layers of paper, twisted it, make it wavy, and done. I forgot to take pictures of how to build it in detail. Meh...This papercraft comes with instruction manual, read it yourself.

Legs and torso are also ready. She doesn't wear any pads, and cute panties.

Skirt here with her apron. The skirt has 2 layers, the outer blue and the inner white with those grills (I don't know what it's called). Glued them to the upper panties.

Wolverine claw. Nah, its Sakuya holding her knives. This one easy to build, since her fingers and hand are in one piece. unlike my previous Marisa which i have to build each of her fingers. Imagine folding and gluing those tiny pieces.

Attach them to the torso, one goes in front and one goes behind. And her upper apron, covers her torso. Now the torso has 2 layers.

The apron wraps her back with "X" strap. Add a large ribbon to her back.

Shoes. Chibi character has big shoes. Doesn't take long to build this.

And her stand....yeah, I guess it was called stand. This will make her a bit taller.

I added some frame (made from toothpicks) inside the stand to make it stronger and heavier. There is no way that simple default stand will hold Sakuya's weight. I did the same thing to my previous Macross VF-1J papercraft. Mainly to make it heavier.

Attach the shoes to its stand before gluing it to the legs. This way you can adjust her posture, so she doesn't lean too much forward or backward. And for balancing. You don't have to glue the shoes to the stand.

Finally, fix the head and walla! You can attach her scarf as well. You don't have to glue them, there's a slot at her neck so you can take off her head and attach the scarf.

Done! But I like perfection, so the next thing to do is, paint her and spray some clear coat. The stand still not heavy enough to prevent her from tumbling forward. Might as well tack them to the table.

Panty shot! Meh, too bright. Shitty camera. Couldn't afford that SLR camera those otaku always use to take picture of figures.

I wouldn't have done this project without my trusty HP 2050 printer. Installed those MISS extra ink tank from Maxprint (also known as CISS, Continuous Ink Supply System) last week. They supposed to give me a new smaller design tank but they give me this old one since they're out of stock. I hate this old design because the ink is always leaking under the printer. You can actually see them in this picture, there's a black spot on the paper just below the paper tray.

I'm not going to update this site much because I'm busy until Kyanime event on June. There's a lot of stuff to do, making flyers, banners and more papercraft. You can check out Facebook/Kyan!me or my group Touhou Project Southeast Asia.