Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kyan!me 2011 End With A Bang Part 1

Kyan!me 2011 started 9th of June and lasted for 4 days. My groups booth only opens on the 10th. There's so much activity there although I heard some complaints due to the location and promotion. As for us (My group, Touhou Project Kuching and Sarawak Gunpla Meisters), we got lots of praise for having the most hype booth ever since last year.

Although I'm a member of Sarawak Gunpla Meisters, I didn't really help them much because I'm busy with the Touhou group. Too bad I didn't bring my RC Haro. I'll join them if Touhou group doesn't have any activity.

The first day is just an exhibition day for the booth. The others open up their booth except for Touhou. We were opened on the second day instead. There's not much activity on Friday the second day. There's a CyberGames (Dota, CS) competition started on the upper floor, some Japanese learning forum, Yazawa Ai's showcase and that late evening is the wasabi sushi eating.

The third day, Saturday, is the Opening ceremony. Some bento making competitions, more Japanese language workshop, Anime quiz (fun), Aikido workshop for basic moves (cool), and late that evening is some performance and cosplays. Our touhou booth is so busy at this time.

The last day, Sunday, started off with Anime race and making crane origami for Japan earthquake donation. Then some cosplays performance, Aikido workshop, and Closing ceremony.

Kamen Rider stuff.
You can read the gunpla.
Proud being in the news.
Umbrella katana. Just the handle that looks like a katana handle. No blade included. RM53.00
Live gunpla assembly
Yu Gi Oh stuff on the table there
Sarawak Gunpla Meisters guys
Real aliens
You put messages on the crane origami to support those tsunami victim in Japan.
Lomography booth
Kyan!me booth selling their own stuff
Dota players here
Selling Angry Birds stuff, toys and iPhone case
Lomography camera. Those takes a beautiful yet strange picture
Keystraps for your phone
Papercraft or Pepakura of Touhou figure
We can't afford to buy them, so we just print from the internet. Its not for sale.
Playing games at the Touhou booth.
Fanmade bookmarks for sale.
Also sells Omamori or charms.
Having fun.
Opening Ceremony.
Some performance.
Trying out a yukata.
Japanese language workshop.
Opening speech.
om nom nom. The bento making competition
Wins the Anime quiz.
Making bento.
See those wasabi? That's a lot.
Megurine Luka learning some aikido moves.
Those wasabi won't stop those guys from om nom nom.
Yoyo skillz from Ryan Han.
Learn how to make a crane origami
Foreigners tries out a yukata
Anime quiz
Anime Race starts.
Hong Meiling can sing.
Listening to the question.
Empty plates. Those wasabi are nothing.
Prizes and certificates for the winners and participants.
The MCs.
HobbyCon 2011 in Kota Kinabalu next December.
Final cosplay group photo session.

I have most fun at Kyan!me 2011. Too bad I wasn't cosplaying, someone would take my picture. I have to butt in using my Marisa's hat, and join the other cosplayers. The booth is also a success with lots of people asking for more touhou information and sharing.

I just hope that Kuching has more anime events like West Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Glad both Touhou & Gunpla Meisters made the booth area lively