Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Nintendo 3DS!!!

Nope, I'm not gonna announce the news about 3DS. You all already know about it already. I just want to say that, after watching some screenshots and videos of the game for 3DS (below), I was amazed. This is the next handheld console that will be in my hand. Even though I haven't seen its 3D effect yet.

If you didn't know yet, Nintendo 3DS is the new Nintendo handheld console after Nintendo DSi XL. It will be released in Japan on February 26, 2011 for ¥25,000, about RM1200 something, or the same price as Wii. The name 3DS comes from its new 3D screen. It allows you to play the game in 3D without using a special glasses, Waayyyy much better than your currently 3D television, if you really have one. 3DS also means that its the 3rd series of the Dual Screen handheld console. The graphic quality is superb, better than PSP and Wii, nearly close to X360 and PS3 graphic.

Bukan nak hebohkan tentang kedatangan 3DS, berita ni dah lama, kamu semua mesti dah tahu. Cuma nak beritahu, selepas aku tengok gambar dan video 3DS di bawah, aku rasa teruja. Inilah konsol mudah alih yang akan berada di tangan aku kelak. Walaupun aku belum tengok lagi kesan 3D-nya.

Kalau nak tahu, Nintendo 3DS adalah konsol Nintendo yang terbaru selepas Nintendo DSi XL. Akan berada di pasaran Jepun pada 26 February 2011, harga ¥25,000, kira-kira sama harga dengan Wii. 3DS bermaksud siri ketiga dalam konsol Dua Skrin dan juga bermaksud ia mempunya ciri-ciri 3D. Skrin atas 3DS mampu menyiarkan kesan 3D tanpa mengunakan sebarang cermin mata khas. Lebih hebat dari TV LED 3D yang ada di pasaran sekarang. Grafiknya pula dikatakan lebih hebat dari PSP dan Wii, serta hampir menyamai kualiti X360 dan PS3.

3D effect only on top screen. Multitouch feature on lower screen may be added.

New Slidepad (analog pad), 2 front camera capable of taking 3D photo and video and gyroscope similar to Wii controller.

Some game trailers features the capability of the 3DS.

Ah~ My favorite Manaka from Love Plus. Really a must have game.
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