Thursday, September 30, 2010

What should I do?

Recently I just read a blog from WetFusion, he's a console modder, also a console technician. He has a cool blog, showing stuff that he's done, console modding that is. And I also read some from Souji Shinogane. It's just a regular gundam, model blog, but what really attracts me is that he's working at Momotoys, the only model shop that sells my favourite Nendroid/Figma in Kuching.

Momotoys originally located at The Spring but after 31 August, they moved without giving any notice of their new location. Turns out that they do give notice, in their blog. So their new shop is at OneJaya, Jalan Song, Kuching. They sell models, mainly Gundams and Macross. But what I do like about their shop is they sell Figma and Nendroid from Good Smile Company. This figurine is very detailed, real popular in Japan and it have most of the character that I like from Vocaloids to Touhou. They also sell hard to find figures like Black Rock Shooter, Hatsune Miku World is Mine, Hatsune Miku Cover Version to Touhou characters.
oh yeah, also an Oppai Pad. RM80. Really expensive.

About WetFusion, well, he's a console modder, lot of ppl send PSP to him so he can put colorful LED light inside. He also repairs them. He's just 24 but he knows alot about console repairing. And gain alot of money too. All just from modding and repairing consoles (mostly PSP). He said he wanna open up a shop in Kuantan, based from his skills, I think that will be the one and only console modding shop in Malaysia. (also repairs, REALLY REPAIRS, even game shop use his services)

After reading those blogs, I thought about myself, what about me? I want to open up a computer shop, but I'm not good at PC repairing, I don't have any money. I'm not like WetFusion, he has in-house business. Me? I'm getting old, and I don't have a proper job. I want to have a business, I want to become successful. Pray to God. Please help me....

Tadi aku baca blog dari WetFusion, best blog dia. Dia ni pakar repair dan ubahsuai konsol game. Satu lagi dari Souji Shinogane. Blog dia biasa je, tapi aku baca gak sebab dia staff yang kerja kat kedai favorite aku, Momotoys.

Momotoys ni dulu kedai dia kat The Spring, tapi lepas Merdeka itu hari diorang pindah tanpa notis. Rupa-rupanya diorang ada bagi notis, tapi dalam blog. Blog ni la. Sekarang kedai dia kat OneJaya, Jalan Song, Kuching. Kedai diorang jual model Gundam, Macross tapi yang best sekali diorang yang satu-satunya jual Nendroid dan Figma dari Good Smile Company. Aku suka figure ni sebab dia boleh posing, detail giler selain sangat popular di Jepun, ia jugak ada banyak dari watak yang aku minat macam Vocaloids dan watak Touhou. Ada gak diorang jual figure keras yang popular dan susah nak cari macam Black Rock Shooter, Hatsune Miku World is Mine dengan Cover version dan jugak watak Touhou.
Oppai Pad pun ada jual, tapi mahal RM80.

WetFusion pulak tengok cara dia modding PSP. ramai orang hantar PSP kat dia, suruh letak extra LED atau extra speaker. Ada gak yang hantar konsol game rosak bagi dia repair sebab tokey kedai kat KL tak tau nak repair. Aku tabik dia sebab dia boleh repair konsol yang tokey kedai game dah rosakkan sebab diorang tak reti pasal elektronik. Dia baru umur 24 dah banyak duit upah repair konsol tuh. Plan nak bukak kedai sendiri kat Kuantan Pahang. Kalau jadi (memang dah jadi pun) ini kedai ubahsuai konsol yang pertama di Malaysia. Orang Melayu pulak tu. Skil repair pun tip-top walaupun dia cakap dia sendiri tengah belajar.

Aku pulak tak tau apa nak jadi kat aku ni. Umur dah tua tapi kerja tak tetap. Nak lukis manga belum terer lagi. Cadang nak bukak CyberCafe, pasal repair PC aku tau la sikit-sikit, tapi mana pulak duitnya? WetFusion repair PSP dalam rumah dah ribu-ribu duit dia. Aku pulak mana nak cekau? Aku nak jugak buka bisnes, nak berjaya. Aku janji aku taknak kerja makan gaji lagi dah. Penat. Aku nak jadi Bos. Doa pada Allah, supaya impian aku makbul.

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ella said...

sekarang ni masih wujud tak kedai momotoys kat one jaya? sebab saya tengah cari kedai gundam..