Thursday, February 10, 2011

700,000 Condoms From Malaysia to Japan Mysteriously Disappeared

This is from the news "Utusan Malaysia" that I read this morning. It's not related to any anime or games, but I'm kinda interested when it says something about Japan.....and sex toys...I mean sex equipment. Full translation of the news below.

A container containing more than 700.000 ultra thin condoms worth RM850,000 [approx USD278,917.13] which was sent from 2 factories own by one Japanese company here, was found empty after arriving in Tokyo on 25 January.

The sex equipment was made in 2 factories, own by Sagami Manufacturers Sdn. Bhd. located in Bemban Industrial Park, Batu Gajah, and Jelapang Industrial Park, both in Perak state. It was loaded in a container and sent to Tokyo on 6 January.

The Criminal Investigation Chief (the police, of course) has received 2 reports regarding the mysterious disppearence of the condoms. Both report was dated 25 January and 26 January at 2 different police station.
Base on the report, the container truck left the factory in Batu Gajah on 6 January and stops at the factory in Jelapang before heading to Klang Port, Selangor and the container was kept there for a few days before being sent to Japan.

In Japan, the container was kept for a few more days before the disappearance of the content was noted by the factory management on 25 January. In total, the whole process takes about 3 weeks.

The police force, the factory management who make the report and the insurance company still tries to figure out exactly where the incident really happens. The factory management itself didn't know where the problem is and the report made was too common. Besides, the Sagami Manufacturers Sdn. Bhd. made the police report only after being informed by the main company, Rubber Industries Co.Ltd. Japan about the disappearance. " We are currently investigating some shipping codes with our insurance company."..........

.............(Interview with the factory workers, not important.)
The workers doesn't know anything about the lost, they only knew it after it arrives in Tokyo. Even the manager is on vacation. Obviously they doesn't want to give any comment on the matter..........

In AFP report today, a Senior manager of Sagami Rubber Industries Co.Ltd, Sato Koji said, they're not very happy about this incident. "This is the first time something like this ever happened since we started our operation in 1997." Sagami Rubber Industries Co.Ltd, Japan was the first company from Japan that produce condoms in Malaysia.
(Sorry for bad english, but I tried my best.)

Ever wonder what the thief was trying to do with the 700,000 condoms...........

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