Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ponyo Movie Malay Sub Complete!

I just done "direct subbing" this anime movie Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, the "not so latest" Ghibli Studio movie.  It took me nearly a month. It is not supposed to be this long. I'm busy with downloading loli porn and playing ILLUSION hentai games, plus with my Xbox360 and NintendoDS, I just don't much time. You can proceed below to the download links.

I called it "direct subbing" coz I'm not translate it from Japan to Malay, but from other group sub (in English of course) to Malay. Usually the most of the english sub for any anime out there are localized. That means they (the subber) change the word and phrase to something that they can understands (the Americans, mostly) but keeping the same meaning.

For example, when the Japanese said [ara~], they changed it to [my goodness] or [good heaven]. The word [ara~] in Japanese doesn't mean anything, its the same as saying [ah~] or [oh].

The second example is.........eh....no, I can't find an example. But the english sub that I took had so many Americanized word, I have to change it back to more "Asianized". Yeah, that's the right word. They always change everything to American english. Why America??? I know the fansub are made by Americans, but as a fansubber, you're supposed to translate it, not "localized it". That is 2 different thing, you know.

The Japanese voice actors with Hayao Miyazaki.

I don't care if you don't know some Japanese terms, learn it dumbass. This is Japanese anime, you want localized? Go buy the Disney one.

The Disney version of Ponyo voice actors. I don't remember their name.
I think that's enough.................
Download the Ponyo Malay sub here.

Ah~ Even this kind of anime gets a fanpic treatment. Expect a hentai version soon.

Okay, next sub! Nanoha The Movie 1st!