Friday, February 18, 2011

Tokikake Malay Sub Revisited

I've found my Tokikake anime malay sub that I made years ago. I made that Sub so I can put it in a DVD-Video, at that time, no player can play MKV files. You can download it below.


This anime movie is actually a direct sequel to the old novel using the same title. Makoto Konno accidentally acquired the power to leap time when she touched a "mysterious seed" from the future. After seeking help from her auntie which is the original protagonist of the original novel Kazuko Yoshiyama, she began using the power for her own benefit and fun.

Apart from that, there's also a love story, which is the main theme for this movie. Overall, its fun, romantic school life, with the character design by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Evangelion), this is a must see movie. Yeah thats a pretty basic review.

Download the Malay fansub here.

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