Friday, August 19, 2011

LOL Cosplays of Comiket80

Comiket80 or simply C80, the biggest comic event in Japan. Not only comic but also games, music and PC software. The best thing is, most of the stuff sold here are made by individuals or groups (called circle), and you could see various quality from super amazing to downright ugly. Nothing can stop them from showing or selling their pride masterpiece. Most of them are porn, so.......yeah.

But we are not talking about comics here, it's the cosplays. In every event, there will be cosplays and Japan cosplayers are simply amazing, cute, sexy and wierd. I know you've seen the C80 pretty cosplayers in other site,  but now, lets see the ones.

King Ox from DBZ

Love the chicken..


Vincent from the game Catherine

I swear I've seen this guy before somewhere...

Detective Conan 

Big ass prop.

Where's Waldo?

Lady Gaga costume when she came to Japan for charity event.

Hayao Miyazaki still can't miss Comiket.

Cable TV mascot.

I think that's a guy...

The video below contains some more lol and wow pictures.

I want to cosplay like them. It's fun entertaining people.

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