Friday, October 21, 2011

Level-5 Continues To Make Amazing Games

Level-5, the developer of the Professor Layton series once again amaze us with their stunning trailers of their upcoming 2012 games.

Less talk, just watch these trailers:

Title: Youkai Watch
Platform: not yet announced

Title: Guild 01
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

The game is made up of 4 games by big name creator.

  • Kaiho Shojo – A 3D shooter by Suda51 in which you take control of the president of New Japan who must fight using a robot named Kaihoki Kamui in order to liberate her people.
  • Rental Bukiya de Omasse – An RPG where you play as the owner of a shop who creates and sells weapons for RPG adventurers.
  • Air Porter – An airport simulation game by Yoot Saito.
  • Crimson Shroud – A darkness fantasy RPG by Yasumi Saito.

Title: Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Title: Fantasy Life
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Title: Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch
Platform: Playstation 3

Title: Inazuma Eleven Go Shine/Dark
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Title: Girls RPG Cinderelife
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Title: Time Travellers
Platform: Nintendo 3DS, Playstation Vita, Playstation Portable

Title: Gundam Age
Platform: Playstation Portable

Title: Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Platform: Wii

Title: Layton Brothers Mystery Room
Platform: iOS [iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch]

Title: Danball Senki Boost
Platform: Playstation Portable

Video Not Yet Available At The Time Of Writing

For more info and their other games, visit their site Japanese site. They also have international US site but less new info.

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