Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Papercraft: VF-1S Gerwalk Part 2

I'm halfway there. Let's get started. Btw the above photo is the VF-1S Fighter papercraft. Just for show. If you want it, you can download in the links below. Along with all the other papercraft that I already made.

 This is the leg parts. I don't know if the Macross logo should be there. I glued 4 toothpicks inside for extra support.

All here is the body and cockpit parts, ready to be assembled.

First, flip over the lower body part (use the non print side) and glue it to the front of the upper body part.

Place the wings, then glue it to the upper and lower body parts. Flip the tail and glue it to the body. Don't glue all of them, leave the tail hanging. I glued 5 toothpicks inside the body to make it heavier.

The cockpit should easily fit to the body.

Then, glue the lower cockpit to the lower body and the nose part. Note the large hole below the nose, you have to glue it together to close the hole, it's not in the instruction manual. I also put some toothpicks inside which act like a frame.

The gun pod and the ....thigh, I think. The gun barrel is so small.

 Now the legs and feet. This should be properly measured before gluing process, if done wrong, the model wouldn't stand up properly.

Shit, is there something wrong? The model can't stand up.

Maybe after I put on its arms, the front will get heavier. Also put on the ......visor, I think. Glued some extra toothpick inside the arms. It should be heavier.

Damn! Now what?

The finish product. Looks like a real plastic model.

I reopen the nose and stuff some paper and toothpicks inside, then glue it together. Looks ugly, but now the model can stand on its own. 

Here's the link to all Robotech (Macross Universe in US) papercraft.
Amazon Danbo, Boeing 747-400 JAL, Auron, Rikku, (from FFX) The Dragon (from Ghibli Studio Tales from the Earthsea), and 4 foot tall EVA01.