Sunday, January 9, 2011

Papercraft: VF-1S Gerwalk

This one is on easy level, Only 3 pages, from 1 to 5 level of difficulty, I give it 2. But I have to stop halfway because my nephews tries to "crush and destroy" my masterpiece. (My have to use my crappy old digital camera here, forgive the quality)

Before that, this is what I already made before, a VF-1S Fighter. It's a simple design, the wings are just 2 pieces of paper glued together and the exhausts are just hollow, you can see it in the picture. The wings actually can move forward and backward. It also comes with a black triangle stand. The model looks nice. I really like this one.

This is another easy one to make. JAL airlines (Japan Airlines) Boeing 747-400. Look at the engine. What a lazy design, I think this one is for kids. Level 1 type.

This is Amazon Danboru. Not the original Danboru or the Yotsubato Danbo. I don't know where this comes from, They said (the site where I got this papercraft) this model uses the Revoltech design. Well, they're fucking lied. This is not Revoltech at all, it's just a roll of paper, pushed into a hole to make a hinge. It can only swing left and right, and the only part that can move is the head and its arms.

This is the wings of the VF-1S Gerwalk. It is static unlike the fighter one. I have to put 4 toothpick inside the wings to make it sturdier.

This here is the arm parts, pretty simple one.

Feet parts. I've put some extra supports inside, I don't think this piece of paper can hold the weight of the entire model. The model sure is light, but sooner or later the feet will crumple. This same problem happens on my previous dragon model. Its neck looks broken due to the gravity pull.

I can finish this model in 4 hours but I'm not feeling motivated today, I think I'll continue tomorrow.