Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nintendo 3DS, Is Now Available!

The 3D without glasses handheld console that can make your eyes crossed is now available. In Japan though. But if you're really want to have it in your hand, you can have the Japanese version for only RM 1370.00...... Shipping price not included. And its region locked.

Get your own 3DS here on Play-Asia!

Glossy Blue and Black - Celebrate Nintendo 3DS's debut!

For the games, its about RM 200, a bit pricey for a handheld games, but if you're one of the "I Am Original, Are You?" person, then you don't have any problem purchasing it. But like other previous console sold in Malaysia, if you wait long enough, it will get cheaper. Apparently, this 3DS is supposed to have the same price tag as the Wii. Which is now sold in Malaysia in about RM800.

This guy here ordered his two 3DS's from Hong Kong with some of the release title games. And two SSFIV.

In you're one of the pirates, like me, we will wait for one of the many flashcart hackers out there to come out with their flashcart that can play in 3DS. Just recently, some of these hackers stated that they have "hacked" the 3DS.

Acekard2i, R4i DSN, CycloDS iEvolution are the carts that can be use in 3DS (for now). You can watch their proof of concept below.

In can only run in old DS mode (not DSi), and of course, it will not run any 3DS games. Even if the 3DS rom will come out later on the internet, one will need a flashcart that can play these game. Hacking a console wasn't easy. Until now, these dedicated hackers continues to work on the flashcart that can play 100% DS and DSi games.

For 3DS, if you are original fans, you can buy the region lock Japan and US 3DS. Or you can wait for the region free Asian one (Singapore or Korea) and play any of the game right away.
For the pirates, patience is a virtue....

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